Man goes viral after seemingly planting on potholes in unfinished road project

Glenn Infante unwittingly became a viral sensation after he posted a photo of himself while tending to plants on road potholes in Quezon City.

Photo Credit: Glenn Infante / Facebook

Glenn Infante on his viral post

Glenn Infante only published the picture on Facebook as a joke and was surprised when many people shared the post.

According to him, he noticed that the road project had been left untouched for several months. When he checked, weeds had already started growing on the potholes.

He then dropped some mungo bean seeds in the potholes. The seeds then germinated and he just let the plants grow on their own.

The road featured in Infante's photos is supposedly a portion of the planned drainage installation and road construction undertaking in the area. It was meant to help prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Construction workers started on the unfinished road project in early 2020. However, they had to cease building it when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March.

Netizens criticize concerned government agencies for inaction

While a lot of netizens found the post funny, a lot also used it as a chance to complain about the government’s poor management of public projects.

Among the chief recipients of criticism online is the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). As a result, many social media users called on the government agency to improve the delivery of its services.

DPWH officials react to the viral post

An official from the Department of Public Works and Highways has apologized for the slow progress of the road project.

Engr. Dennis Sandoval, who serves as OIC Construction Chief of DPWH Quezon City First Engineering District, said work on the project will resume soon. He promised that they will work “double time” to finish it by June.

After Glenn Infante and his post went viral on social media, the DPWH immediately restarted work on the project. His neighbors immediately thanked Infante for being a huge help in speeding up the construction in their area.

Source: GMA News

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