Check Out These Smart Tips to Free Up Your Gmail Storage

Google’s 15 GB of free storage is often more than enough for many people. But when you’ve been using your Gmail and Google Drive long and often enough, it’s possible to hit that 15 GB cap. 

So what happens when you still want to continue using your Gmail and Google Drive without paying Google for extra storage. The simplest move is to free up the space you’ve already filled up. Here are six tips on how to do it, according to LifeHacker

Delete Large Emails

Large email attachments can use up more space than you imagine. By deleting these emails, you can free up a considerable amount of space. 

Decide the size of emails you want to delete and perform a targeted strike to filter them. For instance, if you’d like to delete emails larger than 10 megabytes, type: size:10m in Gmail’s search bar. Select all emails you don’t need and delete them.

Delete Old Mail

Not every email from a decade ago is relevant. You can free up much space by letting go of some of your older emails.

To filter old mail, type: older than: 10y to see emails you received over ten years ago. Next, select and delete all emails you no longer need.

Do Away With Excess Clutter

Sign-in alerts, newsletters, transaction alerts from your bank, and such emails constitute clutter. Clearing them frees up more space for the more important stuff. 

Check your spam and trash folders too, and clear them as well.

Free Up Your Google Drive

Log in to your Google Drive and select files that you don’t need. Go to the Trash folder and delete the files from it too. 

Remove any files and folders that you no longer need in the Shared with me folder as well. Doing so gives you more space in your drive.

Don’t Forget Google Photos 

Pictures can take a considerable amount of space. Go to Google Photos and delete all the pictures you no longer require. Doing so frees up more space in your Google Drive.

Consider Alternative Option

If you’ve tried the above tips but still don’t have enough space for your needs, consider creating a new Gmail account. This move gives you a fresh 15 GB free storage. You can also consider using an affordable cloud service or begin storing some of your files on a portable hard drive. 

When you’re running low on storage in your Gmail and Google Drive, there’s always something you can do to free up some space. The options we’ve suggested here are a good place to start. 

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